Holburn Apartment, Aberdeen


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Holburn Apartment, Aberdeen

Jon and his partner have a strong connection with their holiday let, just outside the city centre of Aberdeen. It was originally their first home so it’s important for us to respect the sentimental value here.

We asked Jon a few questions regarding this venture.

How did you come about having an investment property, and is it something you have always been interested in? Do you have others? 

The property was actually our first home together. We’ve always been keen to invest in  properties, so when the opportunity came along that allowed us to keep hold of our flat but also buy a family home, we were more than happy! 

Do you have other contacts within the property investment industry? Are you looking to expand your portfolio at all? 

We have some contacts within the property industry – mainly friends who work in property management, development or people we’ve previously worked with. It’s a great support network and we enjoy being part of this community. We’re happy with the way things are just now, but if the perfect property made it’s way into our lives, we would certainly consider taking on another. 


Holburn Apartment bedroom

Was there any specific reasons as to why you chose a short term let over a buy to let? 

We originally started off with a basic buy to let, but found with regular tenants it was always difficult to get the same kind of revenue that holiday lets bring in.

We also found it difficult to look after the interior of the property. We’d often have to redecorate and replace things each time a tenant moved out, the cleanliness was never up to scratch and since we put our heart and soul into renovating the property, we found this particularly difficult.

Then when we were offered a short term contract we were very happy to see how Clark Anderson Properties kept the property to an A+ standard. This effectively protects our investment along with the hard work that went into the apartment.  not forgetting the significant revenue increase and the professionalism and fairness involved with contracts maintenance etc. Short term is a piece of mind for us, we know our property is being looked after and our income is healthier. 

Holburn Apartment, Aberdeen

How did you go about styling your property? Was it all your own taste or does anyone else get credit for that?

When we bought the property it was a full renovation, we re did everything kitchen, bathroom electric plastering and decorating, we have a passion for interior designing and we thought of every little part of the property carefully. We just stayed in it a few weeks again with our daughter and it made us feel very much at home again as every little part has its own story for us. We hope that guests have that homely feeling when they stay there too. 


To find out how Clark Anderson Properties can help with YOUR holiday let, get in touch today! We’d love to hear from you. 

To book an Aberdeen stay in this immaculate apartment, click here. 

Holburn apartment Aberdeen kitchen
Holburn apartment aberdeen hallway

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