Luxurious Spaces Designed With the Adventurous Traveller in Mind

Clark Anderson’s Luxury Holiday Homes in Broughty Ferry

If you have your heart set on a cultural holiday that is surrounded by rolling hills and historic sites, our holiday homes in Broughty Ferry are the place for you.

We’ve scoured through the rolling green hills and Metropolitan parts of Broughty Ferry to bring you a home away from home. There is a wide range of large holiday homes for entire families in our portfolio. We also have tailored, small holiday homes for individuals and couples.

Business travellers and holidaymakers alike choose Clark Anderson for a luxurious experience without the price tag that comes with hotels in the same area. Gone are the days when stuffy cramped hotel rooms were the only option for adventure seekers. Our holiday homes in Broughty Ferry are spacious, comfortable, and inviting.

What to Expect From Our Holiday Homes in Broughty Ferry

Luxury is at the heart of everything that we do. Our serviced apartments are comparable to high-end hotel rooms in the same area. Here are some of the things that you can expect from a Clark Anderson home.

  • Superfast WiFi
  • Premium quality linens
  • Entertainment streaming services
  • Eco-friendly extras
  • Thorough COVID-19 friendly cleans

We also offer our clients a complimentary concierge service. Our concierge service is designed to make your trip as seamless as possible. No matter what time of the day it is, someone will be able to assist you. You can call us if you have been locked out of your apartment, or even if you just want to book a taxi. As part of the Clark Anderson experience, we take care of the mundane, boring tasks that take attention away from your holiday.

We know that adventurous travellers do not want cramped, all-in-one hotel rooms. Each home in our portfolio has a separate living space, kitchen area, bedroom, and bathroom. This means you can sprawl out after a long day of sightseeing. Separate spaces allow you to relax and decompress in a way that all-in-one spaces cannot.


Families flock to our large holiday homes in Broughty Ferry. This suburb is full of family pubs, sandy shores, and cultural cornerstones. Visitors can spend the afternoon in The McManus Art Gallery and stroll to the shore to catch a glimpse of Broughty Ferry’s dolphins. 

where to visit in Broughty Ferry?

This once fishing port is in a quiet suburb that sits just four miles east of Dundee. If you are searching for Scottish charm, look no further than Broughty Ferry. Quaint cottages, lush green fields, and historic sites make for a calming, rejuvenating stay. Holidaymakers travel from far and wide to get a spot on Broughty Ferry beach, which is a popular destination in the summertime. 

Cultural experiences are abundant in and around this suburb. St Andrews Cathedral is just a 10-minute drive away and delights tourists with spectacular 12th-century castle ruins. Likewise, The McManus Art Gallery and Museum is just a 10-minute drive from the centre of Broughty Ferry. It is home to natural history and fine art exhibits.

People who appreciate the beauty of the outdoors will find themselves at home with our harbour view apartments Broughty Ferry letting team. They can pair individuals and large families with luxurious, spacious apartments that sit in the heart of the suburb.

Corporate Holiday Homes in Broughty Ferry

We cater to holidaymakers and corporate clients alike. Over 95% of first-time holidaymakers returned to us when they want to book their next trip. At Clark Anderson, we are in the business of creating curated experiences. Our service is much more personal than checking into a hotel room.

The advent of alternative accommodation providers has opened up new paths for corporate travellers who want a luxurious experience without an extortionate price tag. Before alternative accommodation providers like Airbnb became the norm, corporate travellers had to stay in all-in-one hotel rooms.

Hotel rooms can make travellers feel claustrophobic after a few days. Most chains squash a kitchen, sleeping, and living space into one room in an effort to save floor space. In contrast, our apartments and hotels are spacious and unique. Lots of corporate travellers report feeling relaxed and comfortable in our luxury holiday homes. They can rest and relax after a long day of meetings without feeling like the walls are closing in.

We set ourselves apart from the competition with our eco-friendly promise. We believe that travelling to another city does not mean compromising your eco-conscious values. We operate a conscientious business that replaces products with eco-friendly alternatives at every opportunity. Our guests will never find single-use plastics in our holiday homes. What is more, we arm our cleaning contractors with biodegradable eco-friendly Dew cleaning products.

Our clients love the fact that we offer a personal experience. Our team work hard behind the scenes to ensure that you have a seamless stay. We offer business travellers a complimentary concierge service that is available 24/7. Whether you have locked yourself out of your accommodation or just need a local insight into restaurant recommendations, we can help. We can also book taxis and arrange supermarket shops for you. When you choose Clark Anderson for corporate holiday homes in Broughty Ferry, you can focus on the things that matter to your business.

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Do You Have a Premium Apartment or Holiday Home in Broughty Ferry?

We work with individuals located all over Broughty Ferry to provide our clients with a wide range of luxury holiday homes. Our team connect holidaymakers and corporate travellers with city-centre apartments and holiday homes by the sea.

If you have a luxurious space in Broughty Ferry, we can create a mutually beneficial partnership with you. We are always looking for more property partners. We know that there are hidden gems dotted all over the most popular cities in Broughty Ferry and we are determined to find them.

Property partners pay a small one-time fee to make their home holiday-ready. When you are ready to become a property partner with us, one of our specialists will evaluate your home. If it meets our high standards, we will arrange a viewing with one of our designers.

Our designers know how to create holiday homes in Broughty Ferry that will convert. They will optimise your space. Once our team are finished with your space, it will have a distinct flow and personality. At Clark Anderson, we bring the amenities of home life into all of our holiday homes in Broughty Ferry. Comfortable couches, sleek surfaces, and relaxing rooms are just some of the things that our customers expect from us.

Once your apartment is live on our site, you do not have to worry about a thing. We handle all the day to day tasks that make your home safe and comfortable. Our team work hard behind the scenes to arrange fire safety alarm tests, hire reputable cleaning contractors, and replace essential amenities. We even offer a concierge service to help travellers 24/7. When one of our holidaymakers has lost their keys in the early hours of the morning, we will handle it.

Our property partners pay a small fee that comes out of their overall revenue. We help homeowners create viable revenue streams. Once the one-off design and marketing fee is paid, you can sit back and watch the money roll in.

The Clark Anderson Difference

Holidaymakers and corporate travellers from all over the world choose Clark Anderson for holiday homes to rent in Broughty Ferry. We provide people with curated experiences that cannot be replicated by hotel chains. Here are just some of the principles we abide by to create the Clark Anderson Difference.



Our team are happy to discuss flat fees for long stays, cancellation policies, and flexible check-out times.


Concierge Service

Travellers can contact our concierge service 24/7. We can book taxis, order supermarket shops, and advise you about the best restaurants in the area.


We have a simple, easy-to-use booking platform for people who are looking for holiday homes to rent in Broughty Ferry.


For us, ‘it’s not just a stay, it’s an experience.’ Our team work hard behind the scenes to add finishing touches to your stay and make it memorable.



We have an apartment or home to suit every need. Whether you need a spacious home for a large family or a comfortable apartment for two, we have got you covered.


When you choose Clark Anderson, you will never be left in the dark. Our team are transparent about prices and procedures.

Contact Our Broughty Ferry Holiday Homes Team

We cater to people who want the finer things in life. Little extras, eco-friendly practices, and city-centre locations are just a few of the things that we offer our clients. Our service is designed to make your holiday experience as seamless as possible, without the extortionate price tag.

If you want a hassle-free holiday experience that exceeds expectations, look no further than Clark Anderson. Contact us to learn more about our services and find luxurious holiday homes for rent in Broughty Ferry that match your needs.