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Clark Anderson: Relaxing Holidays in glamis

People from far and wide visit Glamis for a glimpse into the rich history of Scotland. Glamis is a village in Angus that has prehistoric and even literary roots. Shakespeare took inspiration from this small, sleepy village when he named the eponymous “Macbeth Thane of Glamis”. The sprawling greenery and beautiful landscapes make it easy to see why Glamis is one of the go-to destinations for people who appreciate the outdoors.

Whether you are travelling North to see the legendary Glamis castle ghost or to attend the annual Glamis extravaganza, Clark Anderson can find serviced accommodation that suits your needs. Our apartments and homes are central, spacious, and luxurious.

Over 95% of first-time customers return to us for additional accommodation services. We are proud to create homes away from home. They are serviced, which means that they come fully furnished and with a host of other amenities.

Here are some of the things that make the Clark Anderson experience unique.

Business travellers and holidaymakers will not find a more seamless accommodation service anywhere else. We employ friendly hosts and experienced cleaning teams. Our apartments and houses undergo a deep clean after each visit. Our cleaning contractors only use eco-friendly Dew products and they wear PPE equipment to ensure they meet our high hygiene standards.

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Alternatives to hotels in glamis for Business Travellers

Corporations have to travel all over the globe to find the best people for their business. They send their top performers to places like Scotland to secure business deals and make waves in their industry. When business owners want their employees to feel comfortable during corporate travel arrangements they call us.

Clark Anderson caters to corporations that want luxurious rentals in Glamis. Our accommodation feels like a home away from home. Each apartment and house is more spacious than any room that hotels in Glamis can offer. They have separate living spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Our clients report feeling like they have more of a work-life balance in our accommodation because they can move from room to room.

Never again do business travellers have to contend with cramped hotel rooms and plain, conventional furniture during their stay. Clark Anderson employs designers who have an eye for interior decorating. Each apartment and home in our portfolio feels curated. Our corporate clients can lounge the night away on comfortable, stylish furniture.

We offer business travellers a complimentary concierge service. This service makes for an even more hassle-free experience. Here are some of the amenities our guests can expect from our concierge service.

Holiday rentals in glamis

Glamis is one of the best destinations for individuals and families who want cultural experiences. Set against the backdrop of the sprawling fields of Dundee, Glamis is full of lush scenery and long walks. Families flock to Glamis because there is a good combination of cultural, historical, and outdoors sights to see. 

Holidaymakers contact Clark Anderson for accommodation because our locations are always immaculate, spacious, and central. Whether you want to peek inside Glamis Castle or experience the Glamis extravaganza, our locations let travellers see all the sights without spending too much time on buses and trains. 

Tourists travel from all over the world to see the classic car show Glamis Castle extravaganza. This annual event has been held for over forty years. It brings together antique and unique car enthusiasts at Glamis’ historic castle. Visit the Castle’s events page to learn more about the activities on offer.  

Things to Do in Glamis

Glamis is a village in Angus that is known for preserving its historic surroundings. The Glamis Manse Stone is a true treat for history bugs. It bears Pictish engravings that are thought to originate from the 6th and 9th century. When visitors are not soaking up historic sites they can visit the Glamis extravaganza and the Glamis horse trials. These two events are the most popular seasonal attractions available in this small yet vibrant town.

Glamis is perfect for visitors who appreciate cultural experiences. The Angus Folk Museum recreates the rural experiences of people who lived in Glamis thousands of years ago. Whether you want to delve into the historic heart of Glamis or meet up with the locals for some annual entertainment, Anderson Clark can connect the dots.

Finding Glamis rentals that meet your needs has never been easier. Simply tell our team your specifications and leave the rest to us. We have a wide range of spacious houses and apartments that are perfect for individuals and large parties that want a home away from home.

Glamis Castle has been the ancestral seat to the Earls of Strathmore and Kinghorne since 1372

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Serviced Accommodation?

Serviced apartments are an alternative accommodation arrangement. Guests can expect all the amenities that they would find in a hotel room. Business travellers and holidaymakers can use serviced spaces for short term or long term lets. Put simply, serviced apartments and homes give guests all the luxuries that come with conventional hotel stays at just a fraction of the cost.

Here are some reasons why people choose our Glamis rentals over hotel rooms.

At Clark Anderson, we employ people with an eye for interior design to create spaces that feel like a home away from home. Comfort is key. Guests can expect to find plush cushions, premium quality sheets, and inviting living spaces that make them want to kick off their shoes at the end of a long day.

Our rentals are central and close to transport links. Travellers can peek inside Glamis Castle and visit the Glamis horse trials on the same day. When you choose Clark Anderson, adventure waits just around the corner.

Never again will business travellers and holidaymakers have to contend with cramped all-in-one hotel rooms. Guests can streamline their travel expenses and stretch their corporate budget by making their own meals. This is perfect for travellers who have to cater to allergens and food sensitivities.

This means that once we agree to a price we stick to it. Corporate clients and holidaymakers will never have unexpected extras on their bill. They can travel during peak times without worrying about stretching their budget too thin.

They think that hotels provide a more hands-on experience that insures them against any emergencies. This is a common misconception. Each apartment in our portfolio comes complete with a dedicated host who is available around the clock. Our customers never have to worry about losing the key and being locked out after dark.

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We specialise in creating seamless stays. Over 95% of first-time customers return to our holiday lettings team because they know that we do everything in our power to make guests feel comfortable. Our self-catering accommodation Scotland portfolio puts luxury, space, and comfort above anything else.