Holiday Let Management Aberdeen

Are you looking for a holiday let management company in scotland?

At Clark Anderson Properties we are excited to share that the demand for short-term rentals has reached unprecedented heights. The travel and accommodation landscape is rapidly evolving, and more individuals and families are opting for the convenience, comfort, and personalized experience offered by short-term rentals. We have been fortunate to witness a significant surge in bookings, but with this increased demand comes the pressing need to expand our rental portfolio.
Our ideal properties encompass a range of features and locations to cater to various traveler preferences. These can include cosy apartments in bustling city centres, charming cottages nestled in picturesque landscapes, spacious family homes near popular attractions, or contemporary spaces in trendy neighborhoods. Each property should be well-maintained, furnished, and equipped with the necessary amenities to ensure a delightful guest experience.

By collaborating together, we can meet the growing demand head-on and continue providing exceptional accommodations to our valued guests. Not only will this partnership enable property owners to generate additional income streams, but it will also contribute to the local economy and tourism sector.

Legislation Guidance

Industry insights

Dynamic Pricing

What to Expect from our Management Onboarding Process

We will arrange a viewing of your property to ensure we are the perfect fit for your holiday let. We can advise on essential and complimentary items along with any changes to soft furnishings or decor that we would recommend. We can also advise on your license application and whether any factors will require addressing in order to attain this. For more information on this topic click here. 

If this is a new property and you’re starting from scratch, or you simply want to revamp your existing space, we’re lucky enough to have an extremely talented interior designer contact that we can put you in touch with. Antonia from Saving Graces Interiors can help create detailed shopping lists, mood boards or even project manage the entire process for you. Having everything you need in a home away from home scenario, as well as it being a delight for the eyes too is certainly one way to boost your occupancy rates!

As part of the onboarding process a complete deep clean will be carried out on your property from top to bottom. We’re committed to off-setting our carbon footprint too and try our upmost to always use eco-friendly products during these cleans. 

We all know the importance of cleanliness and thoroughness when it comes to housekeeping. At Clark Anderson we’re dedicated to maintaining this all time high standard as normal practice. This is embedded in our company values and we only wish to improve this.

As well as leaving every surface sparkling clean, we’ll provide you with hotel-quality towels and bath mats. We always encourage landlords to purchase their own linen, however we can provide you with a quotation for exactly what you’ll need, order these on your behalf and take on full responsibility for the laundering of these items.

We also give you the option of choosing our eco-friendly, cost effective hand soaps to keep your property constantly stocked up with, or why not choose a more luxurious brand for a superior feel? These thoughtful touches are what makes a guest’s stay truly memorable. We’ll make sure you find the perfect solution for your budget.

If you’d like to add spa style slippers, complimentary wine or even some delicious traditional Scottish treats to be ready for your guests,  just let us know and we can organise these for you too – all we’d do is invoice you for any additional charges at the end of each month. One of our recommendations is that you have a locked store cupboard in your property to 

Our team works with professional photographer Philip Leonard, who has an eye for helping us shine a spotlight on your property. Travelers decide in a matter of seconds whether a holiday-let is right for them, therefore it’s so important to make a positive first impression, and we’re here to help create this for your property.

If you have any ideas for marketing your property in a particular way we’d love to hear your ideas too! We’re an innovative company that admires out of the box thinking – we’re more than happy to bring these ideas to life with you.

Once your property is ready we create and optimise your listing on all major OTAs including Airbnb, and VRBO. Although being featured on these platforms provides your property with a high level of exposure, our overall aim is to focus on direct bookings to avoid additional commission fees for you. Around 30% of all CAP bookings are direct which is significantly above average in the STR industry, and we intend to increase this further.

We manage bookings, handle laundry, employ contractors where necessary and market your property to the hundreds and thousands of travelers looking to book their next Scottish adventure.

Facts & Figures

  • Staying in a holiday rental is set to become even more appealing as almost half (47%) of adults say they would be interested in staying in one in the future, compared to the 26% who have stayed in one in the last three years (Mintel, 2021)
  • With the UK travel sector flourishing, it will continue to have a positive impact on the economies throughout the country that rely on tourism, particularly in coastal and countryside regions. Nine in ten holiday let owners surveyed (, 2022), think that tourism strongly benefits the local areas around their holiday homes.
    Research found that 84 per cent of holiday let owners say bookings for 2022 are stronger than ever, with the same number confident the trend will continue to grow over the next five years (Sykes, 2022)
  • The three most important factors consumers look for when booking a rental property are proximity to a beach, proximity to a pub/restaurant, and the availability of private parking (Mintel, 2021). Do these factors apply to your property? Get ready to unlock its potential!

What holiday let management services do we offer?


We manage everything from linen and housekeeping, to general maintenance. Let us take the stress out of holiday-let management.


With over 10 years industry experience, we can put your holiday home in the spotlight. You will have access to our booking platform for complete transparency, and with professional photographs your listing will be in top searches in no time.


We take care of welcoming guests and ensuring they have everything they need throughout their entire stay. We offer a digital concierge service that provides guests with access to their property Airguide, that includes all the information they need along with local location recommendations.

Become a Clark Anderson Property Partner

Life is hectic. Our team of holiday let management experts handle the day-to-day tasks so you don’t have to. From greeting guests, marketing and outpacing the competition, we know how to make bookings happen.

Download our brochure for more information.

Referral scheme

Refer a landlord to us and on completion of their property going live, you can choose from one of the following treats, from us, to you!*

Please reach out to us for more information. 

referral scheme details

Flowers through the letterbox every 28 days for 12 deliveries.

We think that flowers shouldn’t just be for the big occasions. They’re here to brighten the everyday too. And if you were looking for a way to get them delivered regularly, we can help.

Whether for yourself or someone else, choose a fuss-free flower subscription that’s packed full of mood-boosting, room-lifting stems. Each bunch sent is thoughtfully designed by florists and inspired by the changing seasons.

1x delivery address only.

Spend some time relaxing in the spa, enjoying delicious Stobo cuisine and being pampered by experienced therapists.

Included: A delicious two course lunch (main course and dessert)
Use of the spa facilities
Guided walks and entry to the Japanese Water Gardens
Optional aqua and fitness classes
Complimentary slippers and use of fluffy bathrobes & towels.

This gift voucher covers either the 9.00am to 5.00pm OR 11.00am to 7.00pm package.

Serene in style and sumptuous in substance, the award-winning Afternoon Tea at The Balmoral’s Palm Court is like no other.

Click here for full menu. MONDAY TO SUNDAY: 12.00PM TO 5.00PM

Ooni began with a quest for authentic pizza — the type with flame-cooked toppings and a leopard-spotted crust. They’ve been empowering people with the knowledge and tools they need to make awesome pizza at home since 2012.

These days, Ooni are all about nurturing the deep-rooted, undeniable love of pizza inside all of us. They want to make great pizza possible for everyone, anytime and anywhere hunger strikes.

Make it for yourself; make it for your friends; make it for the kids; make it for a crowd. It’s just so good.

Valid for 12 months after purchase date, can be redeemed on all products included in online store.

Channel your inner golfer and get yourself over to the Home of Golf in St Andrews where you can enjoy a 60 minute lesson and a round of golf (9 holes) with a PGA Professional Golfer. Whether you are a complete novice, or a seasoned golfer, former Tour Professional Bill McColl or Advanced PGA Professional  George Finlayson will help you get the most out of your game.

Beginning with a 60 minute golf lesson, you’ll receive expert advice, full training and a safety briefing from your fully qualified instructor. Travelling in true luxury, you’ll head to The Balgove Course, ready to put your new-found knowledge to the test. Take part in this fantastic experience and up your golf game or simply enjoy a remarkable and unique chance to play a full round of golf with your PGA Professional.

Please arrive at the Home of Golf, St Andrews 30 minutes before your experience is due to begin to allow the team to check you in.

*T&Cs apply. For more information click here.

Why Should You Consider Us?

  • We’ll perfectly price your property in line with demand
  • We work with a variety of partners including wedding venues to ensure your property is being noticed
  • Your property manager will ensure everything runs smoothly for you from the get go
  • Our digital Airguides sent to guests before every check-in are a great way to shout about the local area, as well as providing essential instructions on the every day running of the property

Aberdeenshire region

With 165 miles of coastline, and a total of 263 castles to visit, Aberdeenshire should definitely be on your visit list. Stretching from ‘one of the last great places on earth’ (Cairngorms) to ‘one of the world’s top-rated coastlines’ – according to National Geographic – it’s also one of the best places in Scotland to spot dolphins.

Well-known for its wealth of castles and stately homes, Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire has plenty more to offer. From the bustling city centre, to stunning coastlines and distinct architecture, there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy.

Looking for some inspiration? You’ve come to the right place!

Footdee (pronounced “Fittie”) is a historic fishing village located in Aberdeen, Scotland. It was designed by John Smith, the architect responsible for Balmoral Castle.

It is situated at the mouth of the River Dee and is known for its picturesque architecture and unique cultural heritage.

Footdee was originally built in the 19th century to house local fishermen and their families. The village is arranged in a grid pattern, with small cottages built around narrow alleys and courtyards. The houses are built close together and often have distinctive painted doors and window frames.

Today, Footdee is a popular tourist destination, with visitors drawn to its historic architecture and quaint atmosphere. The village has also become a hub for local artists and craftspeople, with a number of studios and galleries showcasing their work.

In addition to its cultural attractions, Footdee is also known for its seafood, particularly its fresh fish and chips. The village has a number of traditional fishmongers and seafood restaurants that serve up local delicacies.

Overall, Footdee Fittie is a unique and charming destination that offers a glimpse into Scotland’s rich maritime heritage and culture.

Dunnottar Castle is a historic fortress located on a rocky headland on the northeastern coast of Scotland, about 3 km south of Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire. The castle sits atop a sheer cliff overlooking the North Sea, providing a stunning view of the surrounding coastline.

The origins of the castle date back to the Early Middle Ages, and it played a significant role in Scottish history. In the 12th century, the castle was the residence of the Earls Marischal, one of the most powerful families in Scotland at the time. During the Wars of Scottish Independence in the late 13th and early 14th centuries, the castle was besieged by the English on several occasions, and it was here that a small garrison of Scottish soldiers held out against a much larger English force in 1297.

In the 16th century, Dunnottar Castle became a strategic location for Scottish royalty, and Mary, Queen of Scots, stayed here in 1562. During the Civil War in the mid-17th century, the castle was held by the Covenanters, a Scottish Presbyterian movement, and was used as a prison for over 1000 Royalist soldiers.

Today, Dunnottar Castle is a popular tourist attraction and is visited by thousands of people each year. Visitors can explore the castle ruins, including the gatehouse, the barracks, the palace, and the chapel. The castle also has a museum that houses a collection of artefacts and displays that tell the story of its long and fascinating history.

Union Square Shopping Centre is a large indoor shopping mall located in Aberdeen, Scotland. The mall is situated adjacent to Aberdeen’s main railway station, making it easily accessible by public transport.

The shopping centre boasts over 60 stores, including popular fashion retailers such as H&M, Topshop, and Zara, as well as a range of other shops selling electronics, cosmetics, homeware, and more. The mall also features a cinema, a variety of restaurants and cafes, and a hotel.

Union Square Shopping Centre is known for its modern and stylish design, with a glass ceiling allowing natural light to flood the space. It is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike and is often busy during weekends and holiday periods.

In addition to its shopping and dining options, the mall hosts various events throughout the year, including seasonal markets, food festivals, and live performances. It is also involved in local community initiatives, such as supporting local charities and environmental projects.

The Aberdeen Art Gallery is a popular art museum located in Aberdeen, Scotland. It was founded in 1884 and has been housed in its current location since 1885. The gallery is situated in a Victorian-era building that underwent a major renovation and expansion in 2019, which has greatly enhanced the visitor experience.

The museum’s collection is wide-ranging, with works of art from the 15th century to the present day. It is particularly renowned for its collection of 19th and 20th-century Scottish art, which includes paintings by major Scottish artists such as John Duncan, Samuel Peploe, and Joan Eardley. The gallery also has an impressive collection of decorative art, including ceramics, glass, and silver.

One of the most iconic pieces in the gallery’s collection is the “Harvest Moon” painting by the Scottish artist J.D. Fergusson. This painting depicts a group of women dancing in a circle beneath a full moon, and it has become a symbol of Scottish modernism.

In addition to its permanent collection, the Aberdeen Art Gallery hosts a variety of temporary exhibitions throughout the year. These exhibitions cover a wide range of topics and feature works of art from around the world.

Overall, the Aberdeen Art Gallery is a must-see destination for anyone interested in art and culture in Scotland. Its impressive collection and stunning building make it a highlight of the Scottish art scene.

Duthie Park is a public park located in the city of Aberdeen, Scotland. It is situated on the banks of the River Dee and covers an area of approximately 44 acres. The park was opened in 1883 and was a gift to the city from Miss Elizabeth Crombie Duthie in memory of her uncle and brother.

Duthie Park is a popular attraction for both locals and tourists alike. It features a wide range of amenities, including a boating pond, a bandstand, a rose garden, a Japanese garden, and a children’s play area. The park also has a cafe, a small train ride, and a large pond with ducks and swans.

One of the most striking features of Duthie Park is the David Welch Winter Gardens, which opened in 1970. These gardens cover an area of around 11,000 square feet and contain a range of exotic plants from around the world, including cacti, orchids, and ferns. The Winter Gardens are housed in a large, modern glasshouse designed by architect Sir Ian Wood.

Duthie Park is also home to several statues and monuments, including a statue of Queen Victoria and a memorial to the victims of the Piper Alpha disaster. The park is used for a variety of events throughout the year, including concerts, fairs, and fireworks displays.

Overall, Duthie Park is a beautiful and peaceful place to spend an afternoon in Aberdeen, with something for everyone to enjoy.

Slains Castle is a historic ruined castle located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It is situated on the eastern coast of Scotland, about 21 miles north of Aberdeen and 3 miles south of the village of Cruden Bay.

The castle was built in the 16th century, but was partially destroyed by the forces of King James VI in 1594 during the Protestant Reformation. The castle was then rebuilt in the early 17th century by the 9th Earl of Erroll, and was used as a residence until the 19th century.

The castle was abandoned in the early 20th century and fell into disrepair. Today, only the ruins of the castle remain, including the main tower, parts of the walls, and the remains of the gatehouse. The castle ruins are situated on a cliff overlooking the North Sea, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Despite its ruined state, Slains Castle is a popular tourist destination and is said

Slains Castle is said to have been an inspiration for Bram Stoker’s novel “Dracula”. Bram Stoker was a frequent visitor to Cruden Bay and is known to have stayed in the Kilmarnock Arms Hotel in the village, which overlooks the castle. It is said that the castle’s eerie atmosphere and dramatic location overlooking the sea provided inspiration for the setting of Count Dracula’s castle in Stoker’s novel.

It is also believed that Stoker may have taken inspiration from the castle’s history and legends, including stories of the vampire-like “Dracul” family in Romania, who were said to have been the inspiration for the character of Count Dracula.

Read what our landlords have to say

Jennifer Olivier

I just wouldn’t do it without a company like Clark Anderson. I believe in letting people be good at what they are good at and not trying to do it all yourself – that’s not how my time is best spent these days. I am not that tech savvy and I want Clark Anderson to do everything from attracting online bookings to changing the sheets. I want to be free to look for, renovate and invest in more houses whilst our current properties are in safe hands. The best bit is the help with the maintenance. Just like a long term letting agent, Clark Anderson will arrange trades to fix what needs fixed without bothering me (unless they have to). The worth of that assistance can’t be underestimated.

Jennifer's Properties

Jack & Eilidh McKeown

After meeting with Stuart, we decided to use Clark Anderson to manage our cottage. They’ve been looking after it for ten months now and we couldn’t be happier. They deal with everything from bookings to check-in, cleaning, linen and re-stocking.

Eilidh and I both have busy day jobs and Clark Anderson allow us to be mainly hands off. They charge around the same as the big national holiday letting agencies, and they offer a far more comprehensive service. With the big agencies it seems like you have to find your own cleaner, do your own linen changes, look after stocking the cottage with tea, coffee, toilet rolls and so on – all the things Clark Anderson take in their stride. I often check our reviews on Airbnb and and they are universally positive.

Eilidh and I have been so pleased with Clark Anderson that we’ve recently taken our second property live with them.

Jack's Property

From £98.00/per night
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 1 Baths
  • 4 Guests
  • Cottage, House

We'll manage your property's calendar, so you can manage your own

  • Emergency helpline available for guests, taking away any hassle from you.
  • You can easily access your bookings and keep track of performance with your own portal log in. You’re also free to block out periods you want to use the property for yourself.
  • Our marketing strategy ensures we maximise your listing visibility across various platforms, meaning more income for you to spend on the things that matter – like your own holidays!

Frequently Asked Questions

Holiday Let Management

If handling bookings and payments, cleaning rotas, staff, property maintenance and guest queries fill you with dread, or you just don’t have time, then holiday let property management is an excellent option! A holiday let management company will save you time and headaches. Clark Anderson Properties has the experience of running multiple self catering accommodations efficiently and effectively, maximising income and visibility.

Clark Anderson offers full property, listing and guest management, so you really don’t have to lift a finger! Everything from marketing and advertising, revenue management, guest communication, cleaning and laundry & property maintenance is standard operation with us.

If you’re operating a self-catering business or a holiday let, you might need to pay business rates. If your property is available for 140 days or more a year contact your local assessor. Your property, or part of it, might be liable for business rates.

From 1 April 2022, self-catering premises must be let for 70 days in a financial year.

For more information visit the Scottish Government website.

Professional cleaning companies will charge between £35-50 to clean a two-bed holiday cottage. Clark Anderson manage this operation along with your laundry and as we own and operate our own holiday lets, we are always negotiating the best rates across the board for operations.

Running a holiday let can be financially rewarding but there are a lot of costs involved in turning your home into a holiday rental. Cleaning fees, décor, utilities, insurance, risks assessments and marketing costs must all be taken into consideration. Clark Anderson can help you manage all these moving parts. Your one off set-up fee covers your photography, copywriting of your property bio, deep clean & onboarding across multiple platforms, all taken care of by our professional team.

Most holiday let agencies will charge a commission. Clark Anderson Properties charge 18% + VAT – this includes a full linen service and our Airguide Concierge Service – something that would normally be left to the landlord to manage with other standard holiday let agencies.

Property owners can secure Clark Anderson’s holiday let services in Scotland for a one-time pre-letting fee depending on property size (standard £595 + VAT) . We then ensure that your home is perfectly presented and positioned to secure the highest revenue possible.

We manage properties all over Scotland – from Dundee to Glencoe! We manage an eclectic mix of properties across all locations, and are always looking for new and exciting areas to manage!

If you’re interested in finding out more about our holiday let service, get in touch with us today and we’ll arrange a property visit. We look forward to hearing from you!

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17 Rodger Street Anstruther, Scotland

Balgove Larder

Balgove Larder Farm Shop, Butchery & Cafe Strathtyrum St Andrews, Fife KY16 9SF

Bread & Butter

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The Corinthian

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Wee Paris

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Spitfire Espresso

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Nonna Said

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Bar Vini

80 Victoria Rd, Glasgow, G42 7AA.

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